Thawing out…

I haven’t been writing near as much as I should on here to make it worth my while as of late, trying to get back in a groove, maybe even more so. Defrosting from the long Winter, maybe the Spring will be a muse of sorts. My last post the “Top 50 Records of 2012” was a pretty daunting endeavor. If anything, though, I’d like to do more frequent writing in that vein especially regarding music. I’ll occasionally throw in the random sports post or life update from time to time too most likely. There are other side projects I’m working on as well. Let’s hope positives prevail, The Hold Steady would really like that.

Thought I’d give the blog a bit of a facelift as well. May not keep the look but it’s better than the old clunky version for sure.

As far as music in 2013 thus far, there has been a lot of outstanding records. I still feel the best is yet to come though as stellar releases are really going to begin pouring out beginning this Spring. I think I’m going to attempt doing a top 50 records this year again. I’m not sure I’ll go beyond that, I really like the challenge of selecting my favorite 50 records of the year and ranking them. So far my favorite record this year has been Phosphorescent’s Muchacho. A brilliant watershed album by Matthew Houck in my opinion that’s as beautiful as it is bitter. It’s rare when an artist can accomplish that balancing act with such benevolent command. Check out one of the best songs you’ll hear this year below in “Song For Zula”:

Phosphorescent- Song For Zula