Happy Easter everyone! I’m a lapsed Catholic to say the least, instead of going to church today I listened to my favorite Easter album:


She crashed into the Easter mass with her hair done up in broken glass
She was limping left on broken heels
When she said, ‘Father, can I tell your congregation how a resurrection really feels?‘”

-The Hold Steady: How A Resurrection Really Feels

These sing-a-long songs are pretty much my scriptures now anyway.


Baseball is back my friends and more importantly, tomorrow, the Cubs are back! I haven’t written anything substantially about the Cubs since the soul-crushing end of the promising 2008 season and it may not change this season. Even in a significantly weakened NL Central I don’t see the Cubs being better than a .500 team. The starting rotation and bullpen are still suspect to say the least and the everyday line-up is very young and inexperienced. Minus ol’ stink bomb in left Alfonso Soriano. He’s had a decent spring, so that’s something I guess. Too many questions and holes in the team this year to be a legit contender. I do like Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer’s approach though of building and strengthening a young nucleus of guys for the future. Now we just have to not repeat the past and give giant contracts to moldy old stinker veterans on the down slope of their playing career. Really excited for guys like Anthony Rizzo and I hope he battles his way back up from the minors. He’ll have to compete with Bryan LaHair at first eventually. LaHair is a late bloomer but seems to have a lot of potential also. Good to see my favorite Cub of the past few years “Apollo” Reed Johnson make the team again. That might be seen as sad since he’s not even an everyday player but I love the way he plays when he is on the field. He busts his ass on the field making some dynamic highlight reel catches, and he’s been pretty clutch at the plate which is even more incredible off the bench. I hope he sees a pretty good chunk of playing time this year. I’ll leave you with some pics of famous Cub fans!:

John Cusack

Although he admittedly is a White Sox fan also.

Michael J. Fox

You never looked so good MARTY!

Billy Corgan


Ron Swanson

Technically I guess it’s actor Nick Offerman. But Ron Swanson would be a Cub fan too.

Eddie Vedder

One of rock & roll’s most enduring consciences. Glad to have ya Ed!

Bill Murray

Perhaps THE #1 Cub fan. Need I say more?

And last but not least, the current WWE Champion…


“BEST IN THE WORLD!” -CM Punk regarding the Chicago Cubs & himself

One last thing…


(Even though it’ll probably be a lost/rancid year)