Happy 70th birthday to Bob Dylan. The man that’s meant more to me than any other artist. If he gets to you the well runs deep. It’s running very deep for me. Still spellbound…


That’s as good as I could do for now Bob. Even though RollingStone stole my idea (IT’S TRUE!) I think I’m going to compile my 70 favorite/best Bob Dylan songs of all time in honor of his 70th birthday. A tremendous undertaking. Back in 2007 I did my top 50 Bob Dylan songs that took me almost the entire Spring semester at Iowa (I worked on this side car style along with my school work, perhaps even more so) to finish. Although it took a great deal of time for me, it was a complete thrill and I loved arguing and debating with myself about which songs deserved to be ahead of the others. A spoiler alert right now, “Like a Rolling Stone” is still #1. No matter how cliche that seems, it’s still may favorite of all-time, and actually was well before all of the hoopla came pouring in over it in recent years. I used to be, and still can be a slightly lacerating, venomous person at times and this song associates with me the most. An anthem raging against darkness with an even more bitter darkness but also sounding so triumphant. Don’t cross me ’cause I’ll always have this song, the greatest song of all-time, in my back pocket. More to come on this 70 greatest Bob Dylan songs of all-time.

On another minor victory, I completed the first semester of my college comeback and now it’s the Summer. Next stop for me is a great weekend with Maggie in Minnesota, can’t wait.

See you… out there.