I should be studying Spanish right now, but I’ve been invigorated slightly to write. I wish my muse, I wish she’d come around more. Come on baby sweetie honey baby sweetie (Matt Ireland feat. Eric Long).  I feel like I’m constantly in a battle to be as creative as I used to be. Or at least, as creative as I thought I used to be.

But this isn’t a self-loathing diatribe, I’ve actually got some positive sauces flowing at the moment. I’ve been back in school for over two months now and it’s going all right. Balancing like I’m in a circus on a tightrope combating full-time work and school has been a challenge to say the least, but I’m trying to see it through. Pointing out ambitiously into the sea of 2011 standing at the bow, one leg up clenching fiercely to a pack of shark fruit snacks like the captain of a mighty vessel clenches to his maps.

I’m taking classes back at the University of Iowa and if you would have told me I would be currently standing at the threshold right now of my return to school this time last year, I would have told you, no way. I also would have told you you were wrong. One class is a GIS (Guided Independent Study) in Spanish. It sucks but it’s required, keeping up with it. The other is a required Arthurian Lit. class full of studious younglings and some are nearly seven years younger than me. Am I the wise old sage of the class? Scholastically? No. World weary? Yes. Absolutely.

This is a great year for music already, and what’s startling is the best is yet to come. I am already in love with a few that you the people should get as well including: Middle Brother’s self-titled release, Smith Westerns- Dye it Blonde, The Decemberists- The King is Dead, Ponderosa- Moonlight Revival, Dropkick Murphys- Going Out in Style, and Hayes Carll- KMAG YOYO (& Other American Stories). There’s a lot of my favorites still to release albums too including U2, Wilco, My Morning Jacket, and The Strokes to name a few. Cheers!

March is my favorite month. The beginning of good things. The end of Winter (Cue George Harrison’s ‘Here Comes the Sun’), St. Patrick’s Day, and my birthday are a few great reasons. St. Patrick’s Day was taxing on my liver and it was very fun. Drinking from 9am-12am is challenging, but like the great Olympic athletes of the past, I was triumphant. This Sunday will be my birthday, my golden birthday. Years ago, I set my golden birthday as a time to start settling down. While it’s not the whirlwind tours of my youth from ’03-’07 anymore where I felt like I was bustin’ out of jail and celebrating 5-6 nights a week, I still haven’t totally abandoned having fun. No, not yet. Not till I can chew on the party’s skull with my own teeth will I totally let go. I will be 27, and I plan to live forever. Come join me.

However, In closing, if I do end up alone naked and dead on the road, I would hope somebody would be there to take the dark comedy edge off it by saying something poignant like, “More than anything, he died of a broken heart”. I would prefer if Bill Murray said this as I could picture him delivering the line perfectly.

That last part was for Maggie, she loves when I say stuff like that.